Shiny is a R package which makes it easy to build interactive web apps. R shiny server in Datahub is used to build interactive dashboards. Here is a short demo of a shiny application below,


Fig. 1 Short Demo to launch Shiny application in Datahub#

If you are interested to explore Shiny application further then you can play with examples from this Github repository and few other examples created by a stats faculty. Here are couple of approaches you can take to launch a shiny application,

Approach I:

  • Paste the link in a browser to access the shiny application. Here is an example link.

Approach II:

  • Clone the required GitHub repository having Shiny examples to your instance of Jupyterhub.

  • Launch the Shiny server.


Fig. 3 Short Launch Shiny#

  • Point the Shiny server to an example from the cloned repository.

  • Explore the rendered example using shiny dashboard.


Fig. 4 Explore Shiny Dashboard#

You can also view the code that generated the dashboard in the rendered output.


Fig. 5 Code that generates Shiny dashboard#