Logistics, Rooms, Technology#


Connector courses are held on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please discuss scheduling a time for your connector with the CDSS Curriculum Coordinator, Eric Van Dusen.

Office Hours#

Instructors generally hold office hours for one hour each week. You are welcome to hold office hours wherever you find convenient. If you would like to request a computer lab for your office hours, please contact Eric Van Dusen.


bCourses is Berkeley’s secure gateway tool for posting course content and grades in a FERPA-consistent way. It is similar to Blackboard, produced and maintained by a for-profit company, with which faculty and students coming from other schools might be more familiar. For bCourses access, please contact the department under which your course is listed. If you are teaching an L&S connector course, you should contact Eric Van Dusen to receive bCourses access.