Creating The Outline#

Each module starts with a meeting between you and a representative of the Modules team, held a semester or two before the course. At the initial meeting, you’ll be asked about the current course content and the four questions from the pre-planning section.

Helpful things to bring to the initial meeting include links to (in order from most to least important):

  • the course syllabus

  • relevant course assignments

  • data sets you’re interested in using

  • other notebooks or modules you’ve liked

By the end of the meeting, you’ll have a tentative contract detailing the materials to be developed and the development timeline.

Developing The Materials#

After the first meeting, the module team will begin regular meetings to start work on the notebooks.

Developers store materials in a public repository on Github created specifically for your course. Github allows developers and course staff to view drafts of notebooks, upload new files, and collaboratively work on materials. For more about Github and how to use it, see Uploading Files to Git.

You can also follow along with development through periodic emails from the team lead or by attending the team meetings.

Each new notebook goes through an internal review process within the module team, then is sent to course staff for the final review.