Designing the Syllabus#

Order of Topics#

We recommend that connector courses consider the Data 8 syllabus when designing their own. It is helpful to cover topics in the same order as Data 8. For example, if Data 8 covers histograms in week four, connectors may want to cover them in week five. This model allows connector instructors to avoid spending too much time on the fundamentals that will be taught in Data 8 and also gives students a more cohesive experience between the courses. To see the order of topics for Data 8 this semester, take a look at the course site.

Delayed Student Enrollment#

In the past, many students have not enrolled in a connector course until the first or second week of classes. It is possible that many people will miss the first few course meetings. You may want to consider how to best accommodate students who enroll in the first few weeks.

Programming Pace#

Since Data 8 covers Python during the first few weeks of the semester, previous connector instructors have found it helpful to keep the first few weeks light on the programming. Most students in Data 8 and connectors will not have a lot of prior programming experience.