Welcome to the UC Berkeley Data Science Curriculum Guide!

What is this guide and who is it for?

The information in the guide is primarily intended for instructors who either currently are or will be teaching a course in the UC Berkeley Data Science Education Program: either a connector course, a data-enabled course, or a course featuring a data science module. However, anyone else who wants to learn more about the program, the courses, and the technology is encouraged to look through the guide.

How should I use this guide?

The information is divided up into six sections:

  1. Introduction: An overview of the different Data Science Education course types and technology
  2. Creating a Connector: A guide to the pre-course set-up for a Connector course
  3. Making a Module: A guide to the pre-course set-up for a Module
  4. Workflow Basics: Helpful information around creating, distributing, and grading assignments
  5. During The Course: Guides to frequent issues that pop up during data science courses
  6. Reference: Useful people, terms, and contact information to know.

The first time you read through the material, you might go through the topics in order. After the first read, you could refer back to specific sections when seeking answers to questions.