About Us

Why Modules?

As is the case of each of the spectacular programs and features of our Data Science Education Program, the Modules program arose from the critical need to prepare our students for a data-rich world. This program is broad inclusive, and extremely multi-disciplinary. We currently have modules running in over 30 courses, in almost as many departments. These modules vary across a large spectrum of difficulty and depth, but the most common lessons contain introductory programming techniques, basic data table manipulations, and simple visualizations of introductory analyses of data sets chosen for their relevance to the domain of the course in question.

How do we do it?

The Modules Development program is a completely unique program run almost entirely by students!

We currently have over 40 undergraduate student developers that take the lead developing Jupyter notebooks for each module, communicating with the Professor or Instructor of the course, and presenting the module to the students in the courses.

What are we working on now?

The success of our Modules program has spurred the emergence of several new programs, including long-term projects for complete course conversions, where our student developers will work with faculty to develop homework and lab assignments for a semester-long course, and other larger-scale curriculum projects for graduate courses and more.

Check out the awesome work of these students in our Modules repositories on our GitHub page, also listed on the library page of this site!